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Fiama di wills gel bar

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Fiama di wills gel bar with skin conditioning gel for youthful skin
Advantages of using gel for skin
Gel helps retain skin moisture
Gel maintains skins pH balance
Gel helps retain skin proteins
From Laboratoire Naturel
Made in India by ITC ltd

Can be used for three years from the date of manufacture

Weight 75 g + 25 g (33% extra offer)

MRP : Rs 36 for product manufactured in September 2015

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Liril bathing soap

The print media is no longer used for advertising soaps in most cases unlike earlier
One of the recently advertised bathing soaps on television in 2017 is the liril soap, which is shown on different national television channels, especially Zee Marathi. Liril soap has been promoted extensively for a few decades and is famous for its ad of a young woman dressed in a swim suit enjoying herself under a waterfall. The soap has a lime smell and was very popular a few decades ago.
However in 2017, it is not very easily available in goa
In the television ad shown in September 2017, it was indicated that the soap was priced at Rs 10

Making soap at home

In addition to these mass manufactured soaps, many people are making soap at home using the chemicals required and the specified equipment . Suitable safety gear should be worn

Some of these chemicals are extremely dangerous like caustic soda, so it is not advisable to make the soap at home, unless suitable precautions can be taken, equipment is available, and there is someone who will help in case of any problem.

There are many websites offering detailed information on soap making at home. Making soap at home is a popular hobby in western countries, however in small towns in India, almost no one is making soap at home.

Godrej No. 1 bathing soap

Another of the widely advertised bathing soaps on television in 2017 is Godrej no.1 soap, which is shown repeatedly on different television channels, especially Zee Marathi
This was a relatively newer brand introduced by Godrej and is available in different colours and scents
Currently 1 soap is available free with 3 soaps according to the ad, costing Rs 72 in a pack

Left over soap pieces

Initially when the soap is new, it is very effective in cleaning, however over a period of time, the soap reduces in weight and the soap bar becomes smaller. It is noticed that some soaps remain effective in cleaning while others are not so effective in cleaning the body as they decrease in size, as the soap ingredients are washed away in the lather.
The problem is particularly severe for hair soaps, which are used to clean the hair of dandruff and other grime, especially during winter.
So in this case, the soap pieces should be used for other applications like cleaning the hand after gardening, or other household chores, instead of using it to clean the body.
Some people combine the soap pieces to make a big soap
Please share how you use the soap pieces which are smaller in size, 3-4 cm in size

Chandrika ayurvedic soap

One of the most advertised soaps on television in 2017 is Chandrika ayurvedic soap, which is shown repeatedly on different channels, especially Zee Marathi. The television ad claims that the soap contains coconut oil and herbal ayurvedic ingredients which ensure that the the skin of the user is twice as effective in improving the skin compared to other soaps.
The soap is available for more than 75 years

However in reality it is observed changing a soap does not make much difference to the complexion of most women, it mainly depends on hereditary factors and brahmin women like cheater R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar, are lucky enough to have a flawless complexion and also steal the resume of obc bhandari engineers with the help of their powerful fraud friends and relatives hathwar, kodancha

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