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Mailer for CAYCH Kids DIY Bubble Toy Hand Soap, Kids Happy Wash.

Summer from Hunan Maxsee Biotechnology Co., Ltd. We are the professional washing products with 18 years experience in China. Thanks for your inquiry on Facebook about our CAYCH Kids DIY Bubble Toy Hand Soap, Kids Happy Wash.

CAYCH Kids DIY Bubble Toy Hand Soap with health and happiness principles can be DIY for kids. By dropping a bead into the bottle and shaking, you will get rich and dense foam with 4 differently charming fragrances. At the same time, the effect of disinfection & sterilization has been reached 99.9%.

The package of our CAYCH is really impressive: 2 bubble toys + 4 beads + 1 patent bottle=CAYCH Bubble Toy Hand Soap.
The product not only use for washing hands, but also for playing bubbles and helping children keep a good washing habits.

Are you still hesitate about how to find a kind of hand wash both novel and innovative? Just choose CAYCH, we own all advantages!

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