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Hallo Korea is a manufacturer of cosmetics made from raw materials of marine organism. Our private label 9CC as the skincare has got a great reputation in Korea, China, Europe, South Asia, South America, America and Australia .

OEM & ODM are also welcome as well, which can be arranged as per your requirement with more competitive price to assist you to earn more.
Because we are a professional supplier in this area for more than 10 years.
Our company has got SGS’s ISO22716, ISO14000, ISO9000 & GMPC certification. So you can trust we have the ability and pursue the quality and good service.

Our products category: shower, shampoo, body wash, facial mask, shower gel, conditioner, hair care, cleanser and ETC.
Attach “Hallo introduction and products details” in attachment.
If any need, pls feel free to let me know.

And below shows one product for example, “cotton candy body wash”, the newest product in 2020 and the best seller since it enters into market, and has gotten a great reputation.

Lina chen
Head Office: 2F-C8,112,