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Soap manufacturers

There are a large number of soap manufacturers in every country, and in India there are also a large number of soaps ranging from high end bathing bars to soaps targetting the budget buyer.

Depending on the demand for advertising this website will be expanded further , at present different versions of Dove from hindustan unilever limited and Azhi Manjal soap manufactured by Kathivaran & Malar SHG Soap Factory, Tanjavur district , Tamil Nadu are being compared.

Kindly note that the information is provided free for reference only, the soaps have been purchased paying the market price of the soaps, and the domain investor has not received any payment from the soap suppliers or associated firms

Soap and skincare

For women with excellent or flawless skin, the soap being used, is not important, however for women with dry or oily skin or developing wrinkles, the soap or facewash used becomes important. Many women especially brahmin women are fortunate and lucky to have flawless skin, which is not oily or dry, due to hereditary factors

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Also in coastal areas in India , the weather remains pleasant throughout the year, so the skin is not greatly affected, however during winter, in temperate areas, the skin will dry up, so finding a soap for proper skin care becomes important

Soap usage

Along with detergent, toothpaste, soap is one of the most widely used consummable consumer goods in the world, will almost every person using soap in some form or the other daily for cleaning, taking bath.

Though liquid soap has become popular in the last few years, most people are associating soap with soap bars. A majority of the population is using factory manufactured soap bars, however a small number of people are making their own soap bars at home using the ingredients.

These handmade or home made soaps are usually priced far higher than factory made soaps, which use sophisticated machinery and are developed after extensive research.

Soap manufacturers, quality, ingredients, brands prices

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